Prowers County

I grew up on a family farm in Mobile, Alabama, and it was during the summers, working beside my dad, that I became interested in farming and food production. My interest in family hunger issues progressed after I met my husband James Speer.

James is a trained chef who attended Faulkner Community College in Gulf Shores Alabama. During our 11 year relationship, I pushed him in furthering his career and his education to become a Certified Dietary Manager while we lived in Ohio. After moving back to Florida in 2009, I stood with him while he learned about childhood hunger, and advocated for No Child Left Hungry. After I noticed that he was not moving up in childhood hunger, I strongly encouraged him to change his stance on nutrition which has given us the opportunity to live in numerous locations while he grew in healthcare food and nutrition management.

Shortly after we moved to Lamar, Colorado, the opportunity came for us to participate in Hunger Through My Lens. This has given me an opportunity to further my interest in how to advocate for hunger issues.

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