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  • Sondee

    Sondee Prowers County I grew up on a family farm in Mobile, Alabama, and it was during the summers, working beside my dad, that I became interested in farming and food production. My interest in family hunger issues progressed after I met my husband James Speer. James is a trained chef who attended Faulkner Community [...] Continue Reading
  • James

    James Prowers County In 1989 I went through a shocking and terrible divorce. In 1991 I was awarded custody of 3 of my children ages, 6, 4 and 2. To support my children, we lived in a subsidized housing program and received food stamps. I was employed with the Arizona Department of Economic Security as [...] Continue Reading
  • Tasha

    Tasha Prowers County My name is Tasha Spencer, and I am a Minnesota native. After college I relocated to Lamar Colorado to work as a Physical Therapist Assistant at Prowers Medical Center. I have lived in Lamar for the past 20 years and have enjoyed participating in different volunteer projects that bring awareness of inequities [...] Continue Reading
  • Elia

    Elia Prowers County My name is Elia Trujillo. I am a native from Port Isabel, Texas. Prior to settling in Lamar, I worked as a migrant farm worker for 15 years and travelled from state to state. During these years, I encountered hardships and was uprooted from every home I stayed in; going hungry frequently [...] Continue Reading