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  • Robin

    Robin Denver Robin Dickinson, a Colorado native, lives with her family in Englewood, Colorado. She is a family physician, and founded and runs Community Supported Family Medicine, a new-again concept in providing high quality, personal, affordable care for your entire family. Robin designed her practice to be a vital health care safety net for individuals [...] Continue Reading
  • Sallie

    Sallie Denver Sallie Campbell, proud mother of four and grandmother of five, is a Denver native. She worked for 11 years in the banking industry, and prior to that for seven years in the oil and gas business. Sallie is an active church member, an HIV/AIDS advocate, and is dedicated to community service. Sallie has [...] Continue Reading
  • Andrea

    Andrea Fuller is a mom to two amazing children, a business owner, and a self-defense and fitness instructor.

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  • Caroline

    Caroline Pooler has been an artist in Denver for over 30 years, where she attended the Colorado Art Institute.

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  • JaxZion

    JaxZion Denver Originally from New York, JaxZion is a high-functioning autistic and transgender photographer/musician who has been in Colorado since 2004. He has a bachelors degree from the University of Colorado at Denver in Sociology and is an activist and advocate for those who are struggling with poverty, disabled and the LGBT community. While there [...] Continue Reading
  • Yvonne

    Yvonne Denver Why? Because I have gone to bed hungry and it's been extremely hard for me right now. I am on parole and am working with Rev. Leon Kelly. I am doing all I can to succeed. About Yourself - I am interested in the issue of hunger. I know how it feels to [...] Continue Reading
  • Victoria

    Victoria Denver "I always had the desire to do some kind of social work, but needed to make money for my family. My family has always helped people and been politically active and that has left and impression on me. I wanted to participate in this project to regain a sense of community and help [...] Continue Reading
  • Tricia

    Tricia Denver Participant Portfolio Continue Reading
  • Robbie

    Robbie Denver Why? I enjoy taking pictures. Learning more about hunger and knowing there are others in that situation. I am jobless and homeless at the moment and this would occupy my time. This would be good training in both areas. About - I would like to get more involved and learn about shelters, pantries, [...] Continue Reading
  • Jill

    Jill Denver Why? I am educated and made good money. My husband is educated in his field, but we are still going to a food bank because there is not enough money. People don’t realize how often people have to steal food because they are hungry. I want to help others to change their view [...] Continue Reading