“Photovoice is a process by which people can identify, represent, and enhance their community through specific photographic technique”

– Wang & Burris, 1997

Photovoice is a form of participatory action research developed by Caroline Wang and Mary Anne Burris. The three main goals of photovoice are to enable people to record and reflect their community’s strengths and concerns, to promote discussion about important issues through group discussions of photographs, and finally to reach and influence policy makers (Wang & Burris, 1997).

This model has the ability to empower participants and communities by enabling individuals to share their pictures and stories with decision makers. Hunger Through My Lens is dedicated to achieving the three goals of photovoice, specifically related to the issue of hunger. The foundation of Hunger Through My Lens is based on extensive research of photovoice studies. In addition, this project has been inspired by Witnesses to Hunger, Kaiser Permante’s Community Health Initiatives, and multiple studies conducted by Caroline Wang.